This week’s BEST DRESSED

1. Alessandra Ambrosio wore Emilio Pucci (with daughter Anja) at the Film Independent’s 2012 Los Angeles Film Festival premiere of “Brave”.

2. Jessica Alba wore Tory Burch at the 2012 Plush event in Los Angeles.

3. Anja Rubik at a special screening of “To Rome With Love” in New York.

4. Emma Stone wore Resort 2013 Jason Wu at a photocall for “The Amazing Spider-Man” in Rome.

5. Serena Marron at the MoMA PS1 Gala Benefit 2012 in New York.

6. Selita Ebanks at a “Life & Style” event in New York.

7. Mila Kunis wore Christian Dior at the premiere of “Ted” in Los Angeles.

8. Cat Deeley wore Mulberry at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards in Los Angeles.

9. Elle Macpherson out in London.

10. Sophia Bush at the opening of the Clare Vivier store in Los Angeles.


A xoxo


Shorts? In the British weather? Really?!

My lovely bloggers and readers,

I LOVE shorts. Really, I do. I have countless pairs of original Levi’s cut-offs and all sorts of jeans which I got bored of, and just cut to all sorts of lengths… Then there’s the crochets, leather-look (perfect for winter, I mean perfect always), tailored…. you name it, I have it!

But…. I live in England. Who’s been here before, knows the feeling… that feeling you look out of the window in the morning, see a clear blue sky, put some shorts or a floral dress (which you probably bought for a holiday and never had a chance to wear since) and as soon as you walk out the door, that characteristic icy cold wind, which freezes you to the bones. Yes, that feeling. And my love for shorts hasn’t faded one bit.

So… through the years I have had to find other ways to wear my so loved shorts… here are my top tips to wearing shorts in the British weather, (excluding tights, that my friend, is obvious!) or early Spring or winter or you live anywhere else in the world 😉

1. Tailored blazers

There is something very special about tailoring. it’s crisp, sharp, elegant and it picks up any outfit. Polish up any pair of shorts with a crip, well tailored blazer. Make sure it’s long sleeved so it balances the skin on show (bare legs = covered arms). Ok to fold them though.

2. Layers

Festival feelings anyone?

3. Glitter/Sequins

I love sequins. i find it makes any outfit more interesting, show-stopping, and nightclub worth! Use and abuse now!

4. Leather (look) 

Smart outfits with shorts? Check!

5. Jazz it up

My answer to everything! Let your true style shine through what could only be worn by you. Style it up, jazz it up, your way! 😉

6. Shirts/Blouses

Who said shorts can’t be elegant? Come again?

Hope you all like it!

Lots of Love,

A xoxo

Football mad?

I’m not allowed to say I’m not Football mad… actually I’m not allowed to say I much prefer Rugby to football either. I’m absolutely not allowed to say that. I’m a (very) proud Football player’s daughter and Rubgy player’s girlfriend you see, so I have to absolutely “love” Football. And Rubgy. And am absolutely not allowed to prefer one to the other. 😉

But in honour to Ronaldo’s great goal last night, I bring you the best part of him, the most stylish, good looking, glamourous part of him… Irina Shayk.

My love goes to all the girls and women, girlfriends, fiancees, wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, cousins, aunties, godmothers, grandmothers and friends who unconditionally support sportsmen and sports fans across the world. Specially during the Euro and Olympics this year!

Lots of love,

A xoxo

Philanthropy goal #1

My lovely readers,

While growing up, Philanthropy was always a big part of my life. Not only, it is very important to help those in need and give back, but also it brings you a great sense of achievement and the best and most genuine smiles! So with my new blog, I’ve decided to guide you through my Philanthropy journey in life and hope, that by sharing my experiences and goals with you all, I will inspire people out there, but also, inspire myself to do even more!

I love volunteering and fundraising, but today’s goal is very easy and simple. Everyone can do it.









We all (specially those interested in fashion) have items of clothing in our closets which we don’t wear anymore (or never worn before) which just bring clutter and disguise the other beautiful clothes we’d probably wear more if we could see them better.

The standard rule is if you haven’t worn an item for a year or more, you should get rid of it. But I disagree slightly, there are some dresses I have just for hot summer days or holidays, or some which I could only wear to a wedding or horse races, and having not worn them for a year does not mean I will not wear them again.

So please be careful and be wise about what you give away.

After a few trousers, tops, dresses and shoes later… I have my bags full of unwanted clothes in good condition ready to go.

Most people would take their unwanted clothes to charity shops who will then sell their clothes and all profit will be sent to a specific Foundation (cancer research, british heart foundation, etc.) which I believe is great and really worthy. But I noticed a lot of people are embarrassed of shopping in second-hand shops and that means some clothes can get stuck in pile for ages.

So I donate all my clothes to a very special local foundation:

1 in 4 women will be a victim of domestic violence at some point in their lifetime. And on average, 2 women a week in the UK, are killed by a former or current male partner.

Domestic violence is an underrated crime. And overlooked in terms of charity. Many women are rescued by the local police every day and have nothing but the clothes in their body at the time. Many of them with children.

Most of these women don’t need just clothes, they need food, assistance, counselling, guidance and love.

If you would like to donate to your local Women and children’s Refuge, it can be hard to find as the locations are kept secret for security reasons, but please contact Women’s Aid (in the UK) or the local authorities.

Lots of love,

A xoxo