In desperate need of TLC

After all the fun in the sun, festivals, road trips and nights out… we all need some extra TLC to get back in shape… I always take at least one day for feeling fresh and catching up on beauty sleep again, here are my tips to leave you feeling as fresh as new:

Take a warm indulgent shower or bath


I like using lots of oils, hydrating masks and indulging products like Victoria’s Secret, the Sanctuary, the Body Shop, Kerastase and MoroccanOil… They all smell divine and make me feel so much better and more relaxed.

Use Face Masks


I like using clay based masks if my skin feels oily, or a hydrating mask if skin feels dull… Sisley definitely makes the best masks.

Drink lots of water


It might sound cliche but it really helps you feels back in form and really hydrates the skin!

Eat lots of fruit


This is essential to ensure you’re getting enough vitamins and antioxidants to repair skin and tissue from those nights out, drinks and late nights. I usually take a good vitamin C supplement for a week to balance my vitamin levels. Don’t forget to take Milk Thistle supplement as well you’ve drank a bit too much to aid repair the liver tissue.

Get loads of beauty sleep

Absolutely the most important tip/advice I could ever give you, optimises the cell repair and  rejuvenates you.


Lots of love,

A xoxo


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