Confessions of a Blogger I

Being a blogger isn’t just being at fashion events, or being in photoshoots all day… It’s being a writer, a journalist, a researcher, an explorer, a photographer…

It’s being strong enough to be different and delicate enough to be able to put in words.

Being a blogger isn’t just glamour and glitz, it’s being proud of expressing your opinions, writing about what makes you tick, what makes you happy and what makes you sad.

We’re the new generation of artists, the new Van Gogh, the new Mozart and new Salvador Dali. We’re in there with Banksy, Patrick Demarchelier and Adele.

We recognise that Fashion is Art, such art made up of fine art, history, geography, music, architecture and inspired by nature and all beautiful things.

We understand that being different isn’t bad, it’s good. It’s real and positive. We recognise we all have style, and the best way to be stylish, is to be yourself.

We celebrate distinctiveness, the fact that we’re all unique, and celebrate our differences and backgrounds.

We admire the strength to share our thoughts, goals and preferences. We don’t follow other’s paths – we set our own.

Lots of love,

A xoxo


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