a quick GOOD NIGHT ;)

Hey all!!!

I know I’ve been really absent these last few weeks but life has been SUPPPPEEERRR hectic! I have started an awesome new job but it’s a lot of commuting for now… I literally wake up at 5am and get home at 9pm… ;( Yet I am still up past 1am blogging for you my sweeties!!

First of all, life started getting busy the week I end to London for a few meeting and managed to meet my friend Albie (follow him on Twitter @albieespinola), he hosts the most amazing clubs and parties in London, so feel free to contact him for table bookings/guestlist/VIP concierge at members only clubs and parties.

*Albie and I @Starbucks in High Street Kensington, before shopping for watches in Selfridges a couple weeks ago

– This photo made me miss London 😦


The I’ve been experimenting with some new skincare (exciting; amazing; unexpected). I have always one to go for quality, scientific background and research, and have been a long time fan of La Mer, Chanel, Estee Lauder and Clinique. But after a skin consultation with a renowed cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Sam Bunting (see her website here), I was convinced that less is more (actually is!) and have been converted to the daily essential range of Johnson’s skincare line:


*I will write more about this, I promise! I have heaps of things to say!

I have started hands on decorating the new house! Master Bedroom is currently the only one so far, on a “Mystical Grey” on walls, leather bed and halogen ambient lights soon to be fixed, as well as a crystal chandelier. The kitchen will be next, being tiled with small glass tiles to contrast with the rustic of the house/Cotswolds purposely showing the contrast of the Cotswolds and the city/cosmopolitan in me 😉 Furthermore, I’m very excited about decorating the Utility room, I have yet to see a Utility Room that big! 😀


*Inspiration for the Master Bedroom


*Inspiration for the Utility Room

And lastly, I just found out Cheryl Cole has the same Gucci trilby as me:



I ought to try sleep now, as only have 3 and a half hours left of my schedule, before another long day of work and a long weekend away of which I am yet to find out the destination! 1st year anniversary! Yayyyy!!

I will keep you updated!


Lots of love,


A xoxo


I’m still alive!!! ;)

Hello lovely bloggers and readers!!!!


In between interior decorating, starting a new job, preparing for my driving test (I will do it! Hopefully), trying out new exciting skincare (posts coming soon!),  being a domestic goddess and organizing the boyfriend’s birthday’s party and expanding my Pinterest pin database… I have been a “bit” busy… so please forgive my absence… 😦

May I just say, that I have been in the Cotswolds over 24hs decorating the new house and seriouslyyyyy…. Women in the Cotswolds countryside need some city fashion inspiration… and I am yet to see a decent mani/pedi! In desperate need in Nails Inc if I may say?

I will make my mission to inspire some much needed fashion edge into this town! 😉

Remember girls!!! -> I was once told when in Monaco: a real lady will always have their hair, nails and make up IMPECCABLE!

Lots of love,

A xoxo

Possibly the best morning tip I can give you

Hi everyone!

There’s nothing worse than waking up still feeling tired, and to help you feel refreshed and new  in the morning, here’s possibly the best tip anyone can give you:


Take 5 minutes to stretch in bed before you get up, it will really make a difference in how you feel – that and the indispensable minimum 8 hours sleep of course!

Good night everyone!

A xoxo


When you feel you have nothing to wear….

Truth is… I feel like that 80% of time 😉

Friday was one of those moments… I opted for a simple t-shirt and skirt combo, jazzing it up with leopard print stilettos, lots of jewellery and dark red lipstick:


What did you think?

Lots of love,

A xoxo

Racing Chicks -> what to wear

I love car racinggggggggg!!! We had another track day yesterday, and it rocked!!

It was so quiet because it was rainy, but once the adrenaline kicks in, you can’t feel the rain anymore – and I rode two open tops! 😉

What I wear:

In Motosport you need all part of your body covered, that means forget trying to look like a pit girls and wear full length trousers (I usually go for leather or black jeans) and long sleeves (layers are best, as it might get cold/warm throughout the day)

If you are karting, on an open top car without a roll bar or even if your a beginner or want the extra protection- a must if you’re racing professionally, I recommend using a race/raly suit. Sparco and Alpinestars do the best ones:

Alpine Stars GP Pro Race & Rally Suit – £635.47

Sparco M-5 Race Suit in in blue – £465

Both available from merlinmotorsport.co.uk 

*I’m wearing the black version of the Sparco suit at a Karting Grand Prix championship last year:

If you’re driving, you’ll need flat sole trainers, either specifically designed for motorsport or boxing (which I swear by!)

My recommendations:

Adidas Race Boots (The ones I wear) – £131.33

Sparco Top Driver High Boots – £150

Or any other boxing or flat sole trainers… a lot of driver opt for puma flat soles such as:

Speed Cat SD Trainers – £75

What I wore yesterday:

So don’t forget your helmet, and happy racing!!!!

My wet lap on Radical yesterday! 😉

Lots of Love,

A xoxo

Trend that has come to stay: What you need to BUY now!

Our mothers used to wear them, and so did our grandmothers when they had their boom in the 1950’s, then they became fashion suicide… until coming back in fashion again a few seasons ago.

I honestly they would only stay for a year of so, but they have come to stay, and pointed toe stilettos are now a absolute must.

My inspiration:

Who wears it:

Blake Lively

*with Christian Louboutin himself, and his creation below:

Olivia Palermo

* with the wedge version

Cheryl Cole

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Candice Swanepoel

Irina Shayk

Miranda Kerr

Kim Kardashian

I wore my leopard print pony hair Kurt Geiger pair on Friday night! 😉

Get yours now!

Lots of love,

A xoxo


Hey everyone 😉

I had already seen these sunglasses in many blogs and magazines and to be honest I didn’t pay too much attention… It was only when I was shopping in London last wednesday, that I saw these again and almost had a HEART ATTACKKKKKK!!!! They look amazing!!! Take a look:



I want tem NOW!!!!


Lots of love,

A xoxo