a quick GOOD NIGHT ;)

Hey all!!!

I know I’ve been really absent these last few weeks but life has been SUPPPPEEERRR hectic! I have started an awesome new job but it’s a lot of commuting for now… I literally wake up at 5am and get home at 9pm… ;( Yet I am still up past 1am blogging for you my sweeties!!

First of all, life started getting busy the week I end to London for a few meeting and managed to meet my friend Albie (follow him on Twitter @albieespinola), he hosts the most amazing clubs and parties in London, so feel free to contact him for table bookings/guestlist/VIP concierge at members only clubs and parties.

*Albie and I @Starbucks in High Street Kensington, before shopping for watches in Selfridges a couple weeks ago

– This photo made me miss London 😦


The I’ve been experimenting with some new skincare (exciting; amazing; unexpected). I have always one to go for quality, scientific background and research, and have been a long time fan of La Mer, Chanel, Estee Lauder and Clinique. But after a skin consultation with a renowed cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Sam Bunting (see her website here), I was convinced that less is more (actually is!) and have been converted to the daily essential range of Johnson’s skincare line:


*I will write more about this, I promise! I have heaps of things to say!

I have started hands on decorating the new house! Master Bedroom is currently the only one so far, on a “Mystical Grey” on walls, leather bed and halogen ambient lights soon to be fixed, as well as a crystal chandelier. The kitchen will be next, being tiled with small glass tiles to contrast with the rustic of the house/Cotswolds purposely showing the contrast of the Cotswolds and the city/cosmopolitan in me 😉 Furthermore, I’m very excited about decorating the Utility room, I have yet to see a Utility Room that big! 😀


*Inspiration for the Master Bedroom


*Inspiration for the Utility Room

And lastly, I just found out Cheryl Cole has the same Gucci trilby as me:



I ought to try sleep now, as only have 3 and a half hours left of my schedule, before another long day of work and a long weekend away of which I am yet to find out the destination! 1st year anniversary! Yayyyy!!

I will keep you updated!


Lots of love,


A xoxo



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