Breaking the rules

Hi sweeties!!

This is a super quick post to share with you my latest make up adventure…

I know BB cream have already been over, over reviewed, over recommended. But! Have you been using them on their own? I know the back of the tube says apply on claen on its own, but today while trying 17’s new BB cream I decided to try something different!


I also wanted a little more coverage, so applied BB cream after my Johnson’s moisturiser, and applied a light diffusing foundation afterwards!

See the result by yourselves 😉


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A xoxo

If it’s good enough for babies…..

Hi guys!!! 😉


I wanted to introduce to this amazing range I’ve been using, and thought that words and photos wouldn’t be enough, so I decided to my film myself giving you a review!

Go to my twitter @lustrous_locks, hit the follow button and check it out 😀


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When you feel you have nothing to wear….

Truth is… I feel like that 80% of time 😉

Friday was one of those moments… I opted for a simple t-shirt and skirt combo, jazzing it up with leopard print stilettos, lots of jewellery and dark red lipstick:


What did you think?

Lots of love,

A xoxo

In desperate need of TLC

After all the fun in the sun, festivals, road trips and nights out… we all need some extra TLC to get back in shape… I always take at least one day for feeling fresh and catching up on beauty sleep again, here are my tips to leave you feeling as fresh as new:

Take a warm indulgent shower or bath


I like using lots of oils, hydrating masks and indulging products like Victoria’s Secret, the Sanctuary, the Body Shop, Kerastase and MoroccanOil… They all smell divine and make me feel so much better and more relaxed.

Use Face Masks


I like using clay based masks if my skin feels oily, or a hydrating mask if skin feels dull… Sisley definitely makes the best masks.

Drink lots of water


It might sound cliche but it really helps you feels back in form and really hydrates the skin!

Eat lots of fruit


This is essential to ensure you’re getting enough vitamins and antioxidants to repair skin and tissue from those nights out, drinks and late nights. I usually take a good vitamin C supplement for a week to balance my vitamin levels. Don’t forget to take Milk Thistle supplement as well you’ve drank a bit too much to aid repair the liver tissue.

Get loads of beauty sleep

Absolutely the most important tip/advice I could ever give you, optimises the cell repair and  rejuvenates you.


Lots of love,

A xoxo

How to get Beautiful Sexy Legs….

Hi all 😉

It is Summer, the official skirts and shorts Season! And since soft shapely legs are always in season, here are my secrets to achieving sexy flawless legs (all year round):

1. TONE with Exercise

Ever that expression “dancer’s legs”? Well the way to have beautiful toned legs, is precisely that – to dance! and run, and squat, and exercise! Here are some of the sports and exercises I recommend (tried and tested):


Body Combat



Jumping squats


Leg raises

Push up leg raises

Stretching (essential for long, lean muscles)

2. BUFF with Exfoliating and body brushing

This is the key to flawless soft skin. Exfoliate EVERYDAY. Yes, every single day. I used to exfoliate once twice a week, but I heard Elle Macpherson (known as the The body) claimed exfoliating every single day was the only way she maintained those pins catwalk-ready, I started too… and good God does it work wonders!! It helps your skin speed up the skin renewal process and get rids of dead skin cells which usually make up those annoying dry spots.

Body brushing is a bit different. I use the body brush every few days, sometimes twice or three times a week. Apart from all the beauty advantages, it also improves circulation and prevents those little vessels from showing. It also prevents cellulite, and with the correct fitness and nutrition, it will even get rid of it!

3. PROTECT with Body oils

I ALWAYS use body oil after a bath or shower while my skin is still damp. I highly recommend this to anyone, specially if you have dry skin or after exfoliating/body brushing.  Here are my favourite, which are always present in my bathroom:

Johnson’s Baby Oil – perfect for everyday, excellent value

Clarins Body Contour Body Treatment oil – best for firming and can be used mixed with your favourite moisturiser

Johnson’s Skin Perfecting Oil – best for improving skintone

Bio-Oil – best ever for scars and stretch marks

4. SMOOTH with Hair removal

For long lasting hair removal trying waxing or the ultimate hair removal technique, laser hair removal. It is permanent, practically painless nowadays.

After any laser procedure don’t forget to use Laser AfterCare:

Laser AfterCare is the only cosmetic product out there specially formulated to soothe the skin after laser procedures (including mole removals and skin resurfacing) and has been around for over 12 years. It 100% natural and the first ever winner of the BUAV Golden Bunny Award.

5. PERFECT with Fake tan and airbrush

And finally the last step to ultimate Leg Perfection? Yep, that’s right, fake tan!

I recommend:

St. Tropez Gradual Tan

Rimmel Instant Wash off tan

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

6. Final Details

A magic product, which leaves skin as soft as velvet, with a special subtle shimmer which is more luminosity than shine, which is indispensable to any skirt/shorts/dress occasion:

Possibly the best body product yet!

Hope you all enjoyed it, and have a great Summer!!

Lots of love,

A xxx

My beauty essentials

We all have a few products we can’t live without… here are mine!

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

Everyone should have a bottle of this serum! It’s not overrated and it is as good as they say! I notice such a difference in my skin, and i just can’t express how much I LOVE this! You’re never too old and too young to start using it. I apply it AM and PM before my moisturiser. Find it here

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant

My super multi tasker! I have had this on my cosmetics bag since i was 15 and will never let go of such miracle worker! Victoria Beckham is also a huge fan. I apply it on my lips ALL the time, use it on my spots, cuticles, any super dry areas, even on my skin on long haul flights… Even new scars, and on my lashes as it makes them grow thicker. It’s also brilliant on burns, skin irritations and peeling! I’ve tried the lip balm version before and it’s not a concentrated. Find it here

Preparation H Clear Gel

I know, I know. It is a Haemorrhoids healing gel, BUT it is a BRILLIANT eye gel, specially if you keep it in the fridge! de-puffs eyes, keeps them luminous and they feel so soft! I don’t use mine everyday, mostly when I feel really tired, or haven’t had that much sleep, and notice such a difference! Cameron Diaz is also a big fan! Find it here

MoroccanOil Treatment

Do not be fooled as to what this product can do! the instructions tells you to use towel dry hair before styling, but i just use it all the time! I find that it’s perfect for just after i’ve used my curling thongs, one drop can make a lot of difference! and it smells divineeeee!! Blake lively is also a big fan of the whole range. I have also just started to use their shampoo and conditioner:

They all smell wonderful!! (Only available from a salon near you)

Johnson’s Baby oil Lavender

Every time I had a shower/bath, I use this on my wet skin, and not only does it smell divine, it also moisturiser more than any lotion/cream/moisturiser. I love using this as it creates the perfect base for another layer of moisture. Find it here

What are your beauty essentials?


A xoxo