Can a woman really have it all??

Hello my lovelies!!

I just wanna say, firstly, I am so sorry for being so absent, and THANK YOU so much to all of those who have kept visiting 😉 Lots of love of kisses xoxoxoxoxo

But really, can a woman have it all?

And I don’t just mean working with kids. I mean, full career ladder, housewife goddess, perfect caring mum, genius cook, glamourous, ladylike, a loving girlfriend/fiancee/partner and contributing fully to the economy and society… while of course still being available for girly cocktails and a shoulder for friends to cry on! (Not to mention, while maintaining a healthy social networking life!) Can she?

I’m not so sure about being a caring mum yet, (however I really admire all you Mothers out there!) but I’ve been working really hard at all the others and may I tell you, it is very tiring! 😉

I’ve put together a few tips of what I’ve learned these last few weeks:

1. Accept that you don’t have to have it all RIGHT NOW.

A couple months ago, I had the ida I’d want to redo the whole house at once, while going for a career that would demand being away all week travelling, and still keeping the household together in warmth, and cleanliness! I learned to accept I can’t have it all at once. I’ve accepted that the house will be redone little by little, and this way I might actually appreciate/savour/perfect it even better.


2. If you plans to have children, choose a career you can still progress while away/working from home. 

To dedicate the amount of time to all the others, I realised I had to choose a career in which eventually I can work from home. If you work from a company, communicate with your superiors about that, be honest, otherwise they will just expect you work the time that you don’t have. If you work for yourself or are starting your own business, make sure you work really hard to create a healthy customer database while you don’t have kids yet, or if you do, while they’re asleep, in nurser/school. You need to work extra hard, so you can savour that time you take off to spend with your kids, shopping or having cocktails with the girls! Have different back up plans and projects going on, and make notes! Plans always seem more real once you write them down! And while at it, build yourself a beautiful home office! 😀


3. Be organised. Multi-task.

Do what women do best. I use my time commuting to and from work to write down the dinner rota, and to update my to-do list. I recommend the BBC Good Food app if you find it hard to decide what to cook and it creates your shopping list from the recipes you select at the touch of a button. Set reminders to yourself. Use technology as your PA. I also put on a hair mask or scalp mask for 40-45 minutes and use that time to cook, or get a pedicure, hoover, the options are endless!

4. Always get enough (beauty) sleep.

It will help you  keep focused and calm. And if you don’t, don’t let affect your judgement. Your loved ones and even yourself don’t deserve that you take it out on them (or on yourself).


5. Stay healthy.

Take vitamins. Always, always drink lots of water. Take B vitamins and eat as healthily as possible. Specially if you’re taking a lot coffee!

6. Set your priorities straight.

I had to give up my weekly friday blowdry to come home and make dinner. Sounds sad, I know. But I love it. It gives me great satisfaction when someone appreciates that extra house I spend in the kitchen for a extra special meal to start the weekend.


7. Always make time for yourself. 

Don’t give up on that relationship you have with yourself. Nurture it. Pamper yourself. Your body and soul deserve it after all the work you put it through. Have a bubble bath, get a manicure (my favourite me-time 1), go to a spa every now and then (favourite me-time 2), or go shopping alone. 😉 And for your own skin’s sake, exfoliate as often as you can!

*My favourite scrubs of the moment. Essential to keep a beautiful skin on a busy schedule.

8. Make time for your loved one. 

Keep the spark alive and work at it. No relationship will ever survive negligence. Show that special someone you still are the sexy goddess he fell in love with!


Note: I was very inspired by Louise Mensch’s article in Glamour this month. Read it if you get a chance!!


Lots of love,


A xoxo


Racing Chicks -> what to wear

I love car racinggggggggg!!! We had another track day yesterday, and it rocked!!

It was so quiet because it was rainy, but once the adrenaline kicks in, you can’t feel the rain anymore – and I rode two open tops! 😉

What I wear:

In Motosport you need all part of your body covered, that means forget trying to look like a pit girls and wear full length trousers (I usually go for leather or black jeans) and long sleeves (layers are best, as it might get cold/warm throughout the day)

If you are karting, on an open top car without a roll bar or even if your a beginner or want the extra protection- a must if you’re racing professionally, I recommend using a race/raly suit. Sparco and Alpinestars do the best ones:

Alpine Stars GP Pro Race & Rally Suit – £635.47

Sparco M-5 Race Suit in in blue – £465

Both available from 

*I’m wearing the black version of the Sparco suit at a Karting Grand Prix championship last year:

If you’re driving, you’ll need flat sole trainers, either specifically designed for motorsport or boxing (which I swear by!)

My recommendations:

Adidas Race Boots (The ones I wear) – £131.33

Sparco Top Driver High Boots – £150

Or any other boxing or flat sole trainers… a lot of driver opt for puma flat soles such as:

Speed Cat SD Trainers – £75

What I wore yesterday:

So don’t forget your helmet, and happy racing!!!!

My wet lap on Radical yesterday! 😉

Lots of Love,

A xoxo

Obsessed with NEPTUNE Furniture?

As the day to move in draws closer, and my interior design plans start taking shape, I get more and more obsessed with Neptune Furniture and their new range of  Home Accessories… Take a peek at my favourite Kitchens and details from the new Home Accessories range:




Home Accessories:


Hope you all like it!


Lots of love,

Ana xoxo


Hi all!

Please forgive me for not blogging for these last few days (weeks?) but life has been extremelyyyyy hectic!! New house (woopeeee!!) and new job have taken all my time lately, but changes are always for the best right? But I promise you I will blog as regularly as possible from now on 😉

Well, since I’m moving to a new house, I’ve spent many late nights looking for interior design inspiration. I love the idea of hiring an interior designer, but I’ve always wanted my house to be very “me”, so I’m taking this adventure by myself (and with all of you as audience, of course!) – hence why I’ve been so busy! 🙂

I’m very biased when it comes to any kind of design, since all my drawings are usually feminine, elegant, metropolitan and a touch of “OTT” – that little saying “it’s always better to be over dressed” that I so firmly believe, and follow!

Being a real city girl, my ideal bedroom would be modelled to look like the presidential suite of the Four Seasons Hotel in Manhattan, the living room would look like Donatella Versace’s and dining room would look like a fine dining restaurant with a wall filled of fine cutlery and crystal.

But, i’m not moving to Manhattan or Hong Kong, I’m moving to the capital of the Cotswolds:


Beautiful countryside town, which is capital to the famous Cotswolds, and home to the oldest polo club in the UK, where Prince William and Prince Harry regularly play the sport.

I’ve turned to a locally founded, now internationally known, furniture company called Neptune, of which I got a lot of inspiration from, have a look:



Everything’s gorgeous isn’t it? i’ll be sure to decorate the house with a lot of tulips, orchids and pom pom flowers!

Hope you liked it!


Lots of Love,

A. xoxo

The perfect chill out evening with friends?

Hi my dearest bloggers and readers,

I’m sorry for not having posted on my blog for 4 days (it’s very much unlike me, you must admit!) but work and life have been pretty hectic. I’m happy to have a day of just chilling out (and blogging of course) and to celebrate that I have brought you a wonderful idea, which is my absolute favourite evening with friends (or a special someone). Perfect for Valentine’s day, anniversaries, or just a stay-in evening with minimum effort…



The main dish, the CHEESE, couldn’t be easier to prepare, there are hundreds of recipes out there, and for ultimate laziness (or lack of time) just melt a box of brie or camembert.

The options are endless:

The usual dippers: bread, potatoes, broccoli, apple…


To anything else: pickles, chips, parma ham, bread sticks olives… basically anything you like with cheese!

And for dessert:

Chocolate Fondue of course!!


Lots of love,

A xoxo

Setting the Table

Growing up, I was brought up in a milieu where ladies didn’t dress casually, young girls got fine porcelain and fine crystal for their birthdays and Christmas as (very) advanced wedding gifts, singing at the table was not allowed and children stayed at the table (often for hours) until they learned the etiquette. It’s a shame some of the etiquettes have disappeared with time.

And in the last few years, when the recession hit, entertaining at home became once again popular.

Here are some rules I’ve put together to help anyone entertain and set a beautiful table at home:

1. Never use paper napkins

Use beautiful white table napkins instead. They are elegant and versatile. Be creative, see photos below for ideas:

2. Ensure flowers and centrepieces don’t block the view of the guests.

You want guests to socialise and make conversation, so ensure you keep flowers short and sweet. 

3. Have a Theme

Having a Theme will help you not over/under do it. Choose anything from Sparkly Christmas and Harvest to simple Themes like Classic and Red roses and white Porcelain.

4. Know the etiquette and cutlery/glasses placement

Follow one of these and you won’t get it wrong. However, the cutlery setting should be agreeable to the courses you serve, don’t set a seafood fork if you are serving meat and salad entrée!

For a fool proof event the cutlery should also be used from the outside-in, so set accordingly, having the main course closer to plates etc.

5. Be Creative

Don’t be afraid to try something new:

Fruit and flowers centrepiece

Presents on the chairs

Make your own menus

An unusual al fresco table setting

Make little flower arragements

Use props such as flowers

Happy Entertaining!


A xoxo