Kate Middleton’s outfits to the Olympics 2012

The Duchess of Cambridge has been the fashion inspiration for many young ladies, not just across the country, but across the globe. And as the events for London 2012 started, she has once again ticked all the boxes of a Royal Princess…. with infinite grace and poise, and that touch of class and elegance – even when dressed casually!

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves, shall I? 😉


*The Duchess of Cambridge today, at the equestrian event*


Phewww… so much elegance is worthy of a crown, right?

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Football mad?

I’m not allowed to say I’m not Football mad… actually I’m not allowed to say I much prefer Rugby to football either. I’m absolutely not allowed to say that. I’m a (very) proud Football player’s daughter and Rubgy player’s girlfriend you see, so I have to absolutely “love” Football. And Rubgy. And am absolutely not allowed to prefer one to the other. 😉

But in honour to Ronaldo’s great goal last night, I bring you the best part of him, the most stylish, good looking, glamourous part of him… Irina Shayk.

My love goes to all the girls and women, girlfriends, fiancees, wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, cousins, aunties, godmothers, grandmothers and friends who unconditionally support sportsmen and sports fans across the world. Specially during the Euro and Olympics this year!

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Blog Crush of the moment

Good morning bloggers and readers!

Lala Rudge, Brazil’s It-Girl and Yves Saint Laurent’s “Volupté Sheer Candy” Lipstick’s spokeswoman. She is a beautiful young lady that carries herself in exquisite elegance, and blogs about her fashion life, family (her sister and sister in law also contribute to the blog), hanging out with Leighton Meester, as well as her wedding preparations with fiancee Luigi.

Her looks are sophisticated, gracious and remarkably tasteful.

Check it out:

And at the YSL Event:

Isn’t she beautiful?

Lala’s blog – click here.

Lots of Love,

A xoxo