Breaking the rules

Hi sweeties!!

This is a super quick post to share with you my latest make up adventure…

I know BB cream have already been over, over reviewed, over recommended. But! Have you been using them on their own? I know the back of the tube says apply on claen on its own, but today while trying 17’s new BB cream I decided to try something different!


I also wanted a little more coverage, so applied BB cream after my Johnson’s moisturiser, and applied a light diffusing foundation afterwards!

See the result by yourselves 😉


Lots of love,

A xoxo

My beauty essentials

We all have a few products we can’t live without… here are mine!

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

Everyone should have a bottle of this serum! It’s not overrated and it is as good as they say! I notice such a difference in my skin, and i just can’t express how much I LOVE this! You’re never too old and too young to start using it. I apply it AM and PM before my moisturiser. Find it here

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant

My super multi tasker! I have had this on my cosmetics bag since i was 15 and will never let go of such miracle worker! Victoria Beckham is also a huge fan. I apply it on my lips ALL the time, use it on my spots, cuticles, any super dry areas, even on my skin on long haul flights… Even new scars, and on my lashes as it makes them grow thicker. It’s also brilliant on burns, skin irritations and peeling! I’ve tried the lip balm version before and it’s not a concentrated. Find it here

Preparation H Clear Gel

I know, I know. It is a Haemorrhoids healing gel, BUT it is a BRILLIANT eye gel, specially if you keep it in the fridge! de-puffs eyes, keeps them luminous and they feel so soft! I don’t use mine everyday, mostly when I feel really tired, or haven’t had that much sleep, and notice such a difference! Cameron Diaz is also a big fan! Find it here

MoroccanOil Treatment

Do not be fooled as to what this product can do! the instructions tells you to use towel dry hair before styling, but i just use it all the time! I find that it’s perfect for just after i’ve used my curling thongs, one drop can make a lot of difference! and it smells divineeeee!! Blake lively is also a big fan of the whole range. I have also just started to use their shampoo and conditioner:

They all smell wonderful!! (Only available from a salon near you)

Johnson’s Baby oil Lavender

Every time I had a shower/bath, I use this on my wet skin, and not only does it smell divine, it also moisturiser more than any lotion/cream/moisturiser. I love using this as it creates the perfect base for another layer of moisture. Find it here

What are your beauty essentials?


A xoxo