Obsessed with NEPTUNE Furniture?

As the day to move in draws closer, and my interior design plans start taking shape, I get more and more obsessed with Neptune Furniture and their new range of  Home Accessories… Take a peek at my favourite Kitchens and details from the new Home Accessories range:




Home Accessories:


Hope you all like it!


Lots of love,

Ana xoxo


Hi all!

Please forgive me for not blogging for these last few days (weeks?) but life has been extremelyyyyy hectic!! New house (woopeeee!!) and new job have taken all my time lately, but changes are always for the best right? But I promise you I will blog as regularly as possible from now on 😉

Well, since I’m moving to a new house, I’ve spent many late nights looking for interior design inspiration. I love the idea of hiring an interior designer, but I’ve always wanted my house to be very “me”, so I’m taking this adventure by myself (and with all of you as audience, of course!) – hence why I’ve been so busy! 🙂

I’m very biased when it comes to any kind of design, since all my drawings are usually feminine, elegant, metropolitan and a touch of “OTT” – that little saying “it’s always better to be over dressed” that I so firmly believe, and follow!

Being a real city girl, my ideal bedroom would be modelled to look like the presidential suite of the Four Seasons Hotel in Manhattan, the living room would look like Donatella Versace’s and dining room would look like a fine dining restaurant with a wall filled of fine cutlery and crystal.

But, i’m not moving to Manhattan or Hong Kong, I’m moving to the capital of the Cotswolds:


Beautiful countryside town, which is capital to the famous Cotswolds, and home to the oldest polo club in the UK, where Prince William and Prince Harry regularly play the sport.

I’ve turned to a locally founded, now internationally known, furniture company called Neptune, of which I got a lot of inspiration from, have a look:



Everything’s gorgeous isn’t it? i’ll be sure to decorate the house with a lot of tulips, orchids and pom pom flowers!

Hope you liked it!


Lots of Love,

A. xoxo