When you feel you have nothing to wear….

Truth is… I feel like that 80% of time 😉

Friday was one of those moments… I opted for a simple t-shirt and skirt combo, jazzing it up with leopard print stilettos, lots of jewellery and dark red lipstick:


What did you think?

Lots of love,

A xoxo

The perfect chill out evening with friends?

Hi my dearest bloggers and readers,

I’m sorry for not having posted on my blog for 4 days (it’s very much unlike me, you must admit!) but work and life have been pretty hectic. I’m happy to have a day of just chilling out (and blogging of course) and to celebrate that I have brought you a wonderful idea, which is my absolute favourite evening with friends (or a special someone). Perfect for Valentine’s day, anniversaries, or just a stay-in evening with minimum effort…



The main dish, the CHEESE, couldn’t be easier to prepare, there are hundreds of recipes out there, and for ultimate laziness (or lack of time) just melt a box of brie or camembert.

The options are endless:

The usual dippers: bread, potatoes, broccoli, apple…


To anything else: pickles, chips, parma ham, bread sticks olives… basically anything you like with cheese!

And for dessert:

Chocolate Fondue of course!!


Lots of love,

A xoxo