How to get Beautiful Sexy Legs….

Hi all ๐Ÿ˜‰

It is Summer, the official skirts and shorts Season! And since soft shapely legs are always in season, here are my secrets to achieving sexy flawless legs (all year round):

1. TONE with Exercise

Ever that expression “dancer’s legs”? Well the way to have beautiful toned legs, is precisely that – to dance! and run, and squat, and exercise! Here are some of the sports and exercises I recommend (tried and tested):


Body Combat



Jumping squats


Leg raises

Push up leg raises

Stretching (essential for long, lean muscles)

2. BUFF with Exfoliating and body brushing

This is the key to flawless soft skin. Exfoliate EVERYDAY. Yes, every single day. I used to exfoliate once twice a week, but I heard Elle Macpherson (known as the The body) claimed exfoliating every single day was the only way she maintained those pins catwalk-ready, I started too… and good God does it work wonders!! It helps your skin speed up the skin renewal process and get rids of dead skin cells which usually make up those annoying dry spots.

Body brushing is a bit different. I use the body brush every few days, sometimes twice or three times a week. Apart from all the beauty advantages, it also improves circulation and prevents those little vessels from showing. It also prevents cellulite, and with the correct fitness and nutrition, it will even get rid of it!

3. PROTECT with Body oils

I ALWAYS use body oil after a bath or shower while my skin is still damp. I highly recommend this to anyone, specially if you have dry skin or after exfoliating/body brushing. ย Here are my favourite, which are always present in my bathroom:

Johnson’s Baby Oil – perfect for everyday, excellent value

Clarins Body Contour Body Treatment oil – best for firming and can be used mixed with your favourite moisturiser

Johnson’s Skin Perfecting Oil – best for improving skintone

Bio-Oil – best ever for scars and stretch marks

4. SMOOTH with Hair removal

For long lasting hair removal trying waxing or the ultimate hair removal technique, laser hair removal. It is permanent, practically painless nowadays.

After any laser procedure don’t forget to use Laser AfterCare:

Laser AfterCare is the only cosmetic product out there specially formulated to soothe the skin after laser procedures (including mole removals and skin resurfacing) and has been around for over 12 years. It 100% natural and the first ever winner of the BUAV Golden Bunny Award.

5. PERFECT with Fake tan and airbrush

And finally the last step to ultimate Leg Perfection? Yep, that’s right, fake tan!

I recommend:

St. Tropez Gradual Tan

Rimmel Instant Wash off tan

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

6. Final Details

A magic product, which leaves skin as soft as velvet, with a special subtle shimmer which is more luminosity than shine, which is indispensable to any skirt/shorts/dress occasion:

Possibly the best body product yet!

Hope you all enjoyed it, and have a great Summer!!

Lots of love,

A xxx


Summer Feelings

Whenever June comes along, don’t you just wish you had eternal summer with long warm days and chilled evenings? I do!!

So i’ve brought you one of my looks of my last holiday in Lanzarote, last month!

Dress by Ted Baker, Sandals by Kurt Geiger, Bracelet by Topshop and Tresor Paris.

More details on bracelets here:


Hope you liked it!

A xoxo